Self or Society?

Perhaps we all know that How to give value for the Words but rather than the feel or feeling or that behind any one.

But its ultimately the words that are going to be expressed out from you unless others can’t pick you or your feels straightly.
There’s never going to be any moment that will always turn back to you at any point of time.

And more over I can say that all you experience from this world its all a dream and when you wake up that’s never going to be the same.

Watch out. WAKING UP does mean a sense.
Its the more conscious you turn up that there are a lot more than this present life what you are going on.
The life now you or we, what we are facing is the eye masked to a horse on the ride.
Just we all had got one way of looking things and getting experience from the others or we benchmark our self with the others and that’s where we lose our own self and try to pretend other and start to blame other.
Just check in yourself. You will feel a change in you.
Never ever got to guilt on anything or for anything that you have done or will do.Nothing Wrong. The Society is the cause for all these.
The Society has got some prominent thing; its main sake of care is the safety of the people. But apart from these there are other thing which the society had took the advantage of. But again blaming the society it’s not going to be providing any solution. So it’s up to the individual to make up the things.

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