I had started to my destiny to where I had to go to a main railway junction. She was going out of the hall when I was also leaving the hall. In a few minutes I had to leave the place by a van to catch up a bus to the main railway junction. I was talking with the professor for the photo. She just passed me that I was seeing her going out of the hall. She was standing in the corridor. I didn’t mind her standing on the corridor but her friend was standing near the gate on the corridor. She stood on the way; I had my bog on my shoulder heading towards the van passing her. I had stepped in the van and had my seat.

She has also started heading towards the van but while crossing the van she was peeking through the windows and was moving towards her department (dept. of Physics). The van has started towards the department as two of my co-passengers had left their baggage in the department. On the way, the van happened to cross her, she was looking the van as I had seen here seeing through the window. But I wasn’t sure whether she was looking at me as she was wearing glass. However I perceived that she was looking at me.

Before this she has turned back while she was heading towards the department. While scribbling this I was on the bus returning o the destination. Sweet Memories But I miss her. After realizing that she had waited for me to talk with her and waited for me at the corridor (I assume these).

But few moments I like to remind. She used to see me when I don’t see her but was caught n the day when I suddenly I saw here seen me, she blinked and immediately turned towards her friend.

Yeah this game went for two days. I too even tried some telepathic work with her that was to make her to talk with me. We had never spoken a word, but both of us were attracted towards each other.

I even had thought that I could even return to the place I had started. Neither of us knows each other, but I understand she had some attraction towards me.  I didn’t know whether was right or not but I miss her.

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