Yentily – Total Lunar eclipse at Tamilnadu – Photos

S.Partha sarathy Wrote………
Date: 2011/6/16
Total Lunar eclipse at Tamilnadu – Photos

It was really a thrilling experience after the Total solar eclipse at Patna. I had been waiting from the evening 7pm to witness the eclipse. But the clouds didn’t allow a single ray from the moon to reach me. The penumbral eclipse started at 10.53…still there was no moon in the sky. The Umbral eclipse started at 11.53…still it was very cloudy…. I I passed my time by discussing with TANASTRO / TNSF friends about their experiences in their locality. Then the time for middle eclipse was nearing …there was a hope for me ..i could see some rays. At the greatest eclipse..for which I was eagerly waiting..the sky become clear. Wow..The moon was nearly invisible! I could see the milkyway and lagoon nebula with naked eye when the full moon was very close to them! Marvelous!! Through Binocular I could see the star 51 Ophiuchi just coming out from the lunar occultation. Near the centre of the moon, it was very dark without any colour. I observed through binoculars that the dark patch was not stationary and It was rotating in anti clock wisely.

The following picture was taken at the greatest eclipse. I never thought of taking a moon photograph at 4sec exposure! It was very difficult for me to catch the moon in the view finder. Auto focusing was very very difficult!

Sagitarius and Scorpio constellations during the totality.

Just after the end of the Umbral Eclipse:

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