Green – Invitation from the ecretarirate of the Confernce against warming the globe 2011 – Tamilnadu -reg

Dear Friends,

Greetings to you from the secretariat of the conference against warming the globe 2011 – Tamilnadu.

The socially concerned people in Tamil Nadu, Southern most state of India have come together to organize a massive three day Conference Against Warming the Globe 2011 – Tamilnadu from 22 – 24th July 2011 in Madurai under the leadership of Y.David, Senior Social Activist in Tamilnadu. Further information, please visit –

The three day conference starts with the massive rally on 22nd July with 30000 thousand people and general conference addressed by national leaders and environmentalists.

The next day (23rd and 24th July) is with 48 theme based discussions in on the themes related to climate change, mitigation efforts including global negotiations, and especially as regards vulnerabilities and adaptation challenges at State and local levels. There will be sessions on the Science and Impacts of Climate Change, the ongoing international negotiations, mitigation and adaptation requirements, national and regional vulnerabilities in the areas of energy use and food and water security and on coastal areas, the National Action Plan and State Action Plans and such other.

The parallel events are exhibitions, documentary shows and cultural programmes. The third day (24th July) is planned with resolutions and Madurai Declaration to make the voices of the common people heard in the policy making process. The conference is part of a mobilization process against present model of development which caused the global warming and climate change.

We invite on behalf of Conference Organising Committee all those who yearn for saving mother earth from the edge of catastrophe in some way or other and participate in the efforts of the Conference at the state level to ensure safer living for humankind and other living beings.

I am also attaching the seminar detail in Tamil for your reference and active participation.

Please come to protect ourselves, the globe and other living organisms from the catastrophe. Let us act together.

Yours in Solidarity


Coordinator – Conference against Warming the globe 2011 – Tamilnadu

No: 1, 3rd St, Maruthupandiya nagar, Narimedu, Madurai -02, TN, India

Ph: 0452 – 2520831, 9442524545

E-Mail: tnccc2011


KARAIKAL 609 602.

Mobile: 94425 93448
97516 70140



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