DAXSLY – Forwarded message:Price Rise, Nuclear and Energy Efficiency

Dear Activists,

The price rise issue is related to energy in its various forms we use (Petrol, Diesel, Gas, Electricity).

The Bureau of energy efficiency of India says on a very conservative estimate 23% of overall energy can be saved by energy efficiency improvement measures. Proper data is not there with the government as to how much we can save the various forms of energy.

1. In the case of Gas, the price per cylinder is about to reach Rs.900. Normally, in household, a gas stove is used for a minimum of 10 years of time. In middle class groups, this is more than 15 years. In the international level Energy Efficient Gas stoves are available. However, there are no Energy Efficient standards set in India for Gas stoves. Only they get ISI certificate. Therefore, the stoves we use consume a lot of Gas. This unnecessary consumption of Gas can be conserved and the burden on the people can be relieved, if standards are implemented for Energy Efficient Gas stoves. Bureau of Energy Efficiency knows this information.

They have included Gas stoves as items for which energy efficiency standard is to be set. However, it is not taken up seriously.

2. In the case of Kerosene stoves also, the same is the issue.

3. In the case of Petrol, the prices are around Rs. 75 a litre. There is no subsidy on Petroleum products. The people face the brunt of this daily. There are two very significant things. If simply given as an advice we will not follow. However, if quantitatively benefits of the same are specified, then our tendency will be to go in for the same. In 2008, the current
American president and senator of the day Obama, had said significant things to their people.

The tyres of the vehicles in which we travel should be inflated with proper pressure as per the manufacturer specifications. However, the pressure will not be proper if the gauges that we use for checking pressure is not proper. Therefore, we have to go in for calibrated pressure gauges. This can save a lot of fuel to the tune of 1% of the overall consumption of fuel.

In India, we inflate the pressure of the tyres in pumping stations or in two wheeler shops. In both these places, the significance of calibration of the gauges is not known. Neither the people of this country know about such issues. By research it could be found that in a vehicle that gives very good mileage in India, we can run 20 km more per litre of petrol while tested on highway travel. Similarly cars that consume a lot. If the significance of using properly calibrated gauges are brought to the
people, they can even buy a leg operated pump plus gauge for their vehicles. This will remove a lot of burden as we pay a huge price for unnecessary wastage of fuel.

1. Similarly the significance of tuning of the vehicles has to be brought to the people quantitatively.
2. The above argument is applicable for Diesel also.
3. In the case of electricity, Induction Motors are the major appliances in Industrial sector (above 70%) and Agricultural sectors (almost 100%). Most of them run inefficiently. People have not been highlighted upon the singnificance of using energy efficient motors. Standards for Energy efficient motors have not been made mandatory, even though the Bureau of
Energy Efficiency knows about it. As a result we consume enormous power.

1. The same is the case with domestic sector and commercial sectors in terms of using Energy efficient motors.

1. In the case of lights, nowadays LED light can reduce enormous power and save a lot of electricity. However, they are currently not being promoted. Bureau of Energy Efficiency still sticks on to CFL lights.

1. If such measures are brought to the people and quantitatively the data can be given, definitely majority of the people, who face this crunch will definitely do this.

1. In Singapore they use polytechnic and college students to go to each of the houses and quantitatively tell people of the benefits and importance of using energy efficient appliances.

As we all know, Energy conserved is more than twice energy produced. We need not dig for oil and we need not go for production of electricity, let alone whether the form of energy is safe, clean etc. This will also relieve the burden of the people both financially and environmentally. Hope the burden on the nation will also be relieved a bit.

Throughout the world all the countries have recognized Energy Efficiency as the primary source of power supply (Though not physical, it is a virtual source of energy) Chinese, American, Japanese, Germans, French, etc. know of this importance. The say

*Energy Modesty + Energy Efficiency + Alternate Energy = Sustainable EnergyPolicy*

Ministry of power says we can conserve 25000MW of power in Industrial and commercial sector buildings alone, let alone othersectors like agriculture, household etc. Energy Efficiency is a key to the issue of price rise as well as for Nuclear power. It will quell all the suspicions being raised as to who instigate the people for the agitations everywhere in India against new power plants etc. as atleast for few years will not need additional powerplants and digging of oil. This will generate employment at all levels, not only in software.

We only have not understood and implemented this.

I sincerely request you all to carry forward this significance to the people in millions, in the interest of this nation. Let us not fall prey to big corporates and multinational companies in whose interest unknowingly we will remain to stand , if these informations are not brought to the notice of the public through the parliament, news papers etc.

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