MAXIS – High Security License-Plates

High Security License-Plates

We are able to manufacture license plates with different security standards to increase forgery proof. In addition, we offer theft-proof fastenings for number plates and a third plate in different qualities which can be stuck to the windscreen inside. For details see the pictures below.

Security standards for number plates to increase forgery proof:

1. Logo
A logo carried out as national flag, EURO logo, national character etc. can be brought under the top layer of the reflecting foil. This logo can not be removed with thinner, cleaning agents or other chemicals. Removing is only possible by destruction of the foil. Forgery proof increases dependent on the finish of the logo. The colour of the logo is variable (also multicolour).

2. Hologram
A hologram can be stamped on the reflecting foil of the plate at any position. This hologram is connected to the foil and can be removed only by destruction. Finish and colour of the hologram are variable (also multicolour).

3. Laser Number
For exact identification of the number plate a number can be lasered on the reflecting foil during production of the raw plate. If this number is registered, the raw plate and the number plate can always be followed. A range of numbers should be allocated to the producers by the appropriate ministry. The number can exist of letters and/or numbers.

4. Test Number
For identification of the producer of the blank and the number plate a so called test number is given to the producer after passed quality check. The producers are committed to print this number on the raw plate (backside) and on the license plate (front side).

5. Watermark
To improve security standard the reflecting foil can have a watermark. It is brought under the top layer of the foil. Finish is variable. Colour, however, has to be black/white.

6. Hot-Stamping Foil with Inscription
By the use of a hot stamping foil with inscription (for example: name of the country…) all prominent embossed parts of the plate have the selected colour (normally black) with an inscription of a different colour.

7. Third License Plate at the Windscreen
In case of very high security standards the use of a third license plate can be prescribed. A sticker made of self-destroying foil with all the options of the license plate is stuck to the windscreen inside the car. The sticker can only be removed by destruction. Therefore, the police can control the agreement of the number plate with the third license plate and exclude forgery.

8. Theft-Proof Attachment
The last possibility to avoid theft is the use of theft-proof screws for the attachment of the plates at the car. These could be screws whose bolt head breaks off after attachment so that the plate can only be removed by destruction.

Example High-Security Plate for India

With Regards

N D Senthil Ram | Material Specialist – PD |


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