MAXIS – Traffic system…

Having a thought of Traffic system…
I wonder that these days people who walks on road doesn’t have enough space to walk. People who drive bike are just occupying to the wall or to the platform. and the platform is filled with Shops.

My question is that are we really lost our common sense? Do we really lag on the basic traffic sense.

My thought is that why cant be this traffic education may beimparted in school books? Traffic signal and symbol comes handy only in the event of license exam and that to paid by money So No exam and no sense, So RTO is Nonsense.

How many of you agree and disagree?

Once more concept why cant a walkover be built in major signal so at the time of Rain and Summer it would be handy for people who are travelling by bike. But the question is again control over the four wheeler, they should have the sense and allow two wheeler to stand on the during summer.

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