Greens – Celebrate Earth Day –April 22

Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day –April 22, 2012

By John Perkins

Every day is Earth day! But the official Earth Day is this Sunday — a great opportunity to celebrate this amazing planet and renew our commitments to promoting peace andsustainability for generations to come.

I’ll be speaking at 1PM at the Green Festival in NYC on Earth Day see schedule page. I am so looking forward to connecting with some of you there.

Another easy way to celebrate is to takethe “Billion Acts of Green” pledge – . You can create an event that takes part in the greening of our world.

You can also plant a tree, write your legislator, email corporations telling them to do more for our environment in reducing harmful emissions, write blogs — whatever tugs at your heart. Allow your passions to guide you. Commit to taking some action — no matter how big or small — every single day!

Earth Day 2012 is a launching pad for growing the environmentalmovement and will put forth a bold declaration demanding immediate action tosecure Renewable Energy for All and a sustainable future for ourplanet. The movement will be comprised of individuals of every age fromall corners of the Earth, and will call upon local, national, and internationalleaders to put an end to fossil fuel subsidies, embrace renewable energytechnology, improve energy efficiency, and make energy universallyaccessible.

Please also support causes like Dream Change – and The Pachamama Alliance – that work to protect the environment and honor the practices of indigenous cultures around the world.

Spring is a great time for renewal of our commitment to Mother Earth. Enjoy the process!



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