Green – Waste

Green Dream

I could see and feel that the environment in India goes worst day by day. I wonder did we forget to save the planet. We are more focussed on our personal thing rather I could say we’ve become too selfish. We didn’t care a damn for the thing around us not even for mother, father, spouse, children, and siblings. If this is the case then how come we care for the environment?

Did any of you feel that every summer it’s getting hotter and hotter. Why this is happening? So called greenhouse effect will give you definition. And also we face a severe power crunch, so now think about your health. It’s not only the environment getting spoiled but also we.

Have we ever thought of doing some alternative method that atleast we start to protect us both the self and the environment.

So how could we start about saving it and saving ours?

First we’ll start from the scratch, until now we’ve been so selfish and doesn’t have the time to care about the environment. I don’t want you to be selfless, rather I want you to be selfish and with the same attitude we can change. Now just think, this is my country, this is my city, this is my street, and this is my home. So we agree that we want to have a clean home so we clean every day in and day out. With this option in hand we clean every day and Why can’t we use a right way to dispose the waste in a responsibly.

So we can plan for a proper disposable mechanism, say example we use biodegradable and bio-non-degradable, why can we use two separate containers to implement this at home itself? Then next step is that how we dispose the waste? Until now we might have a practice of throwing lethargically on the road. Why can’t we change on this? Now with the selfish attitude, use this is my waste, I’ve to dispose properly. Bring it to the psychological level, then you’ll /we’ll able to protect our environment.


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