Yentily – Hero means everybody wants to follow him as an example of the best type of person.

A thought provoking mail I recently received from ISKON. Sharing with you the same.

Well, we may not be a true devotee of Lord Krishna but part of the message definitely make some sense in mail below.

I understand this as a message to respect, honour and execute decisions of our immediate bosses with full trust in their decision making. They in turn will do the same for decisions of their bosses and we all then work in synchronization to achieve best results.

We must believe that the Director of Film OR our Boss is only focused to take the best out of us in our best interests.

This also tells us Hanuman needed a Rama and Arjuna needed a Krishna to achieve what they did.

We also have a choice – aspire to become Hanumana & Arjuna OR aspire to become Rama & Krishna. That’s upto each one of us to decide and accordingly act.

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