Daxsly – You people are Foolish – Hunger Strike in TN!

Well, it sounds very odd and absurd when you read the title.  Yes I did called you people are foolish (We).  I could see Hunger Strike as i travel down through few parts of Tamilnadu. WHat for the hunger strike? Is it because of innocent boy has been killed? or what is the motive of this strike.

I appreciate you people getting together for a cause to fight, but shame on you, very late. Where have you been my dear fellas? Why do you suddenly get into the bussiness of hunger strike. Don’t you feel that there is a political motive behind this.

Tell me honestly, have you been sleeping all this days when there were lakhs of Tamil Civilians being killed. Where had you gone? Until now you’ve never realized that you belong to the Goat company. If there would have been real protestation oo the killing of one soul then there should have been one which shoudl have been a big by now for killing millions of civilians.


I feel there should have been a big protestation, one atleast by now through the entire state objecting this killing. It  very saddening when there were only bit and piece of group involved in the protest


Atleast I would appreciate now, but this is too late for the reaction as we Tamilians


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