DAXSLY – Aging

Posted by Kiran on November 30, 2014 | Comments (1) | Trackbacks (0)
As yet another year hurtles past us, yet another year where I blogged very little (the wife’s asking very logical questions like ‘do you really need a domain for not writing’?’ or statements like ‘you are building a wonderful personal brand by not writing on a domain you bought to write on’ and so forth – I’ve heard wives are encouraging like that), I have also come to a realization that I am aging.
Of course, Age is just a number. It’s all in the mind. And all that crap. But there are things around me that I see, that make me realize that yep, time is indeed passing by.

  1. The easy one first. My facebook timeline is filled with photographs of all my friends with their new born babies or their kids going to pre-school or some even going to a school. And, is there some new trend/fad that I missed where everybody is having twins? What is going on?
  2. I can literally see and feel my parents age. This, by far, is the biggest reality check of my aging. You always imagine your parents to be strong, healthy, egging you on, ready for any impromptu long trips. And then in your 30s, just like I am in now, you see them aging. They are not as fast. They are not as strong. And they definitely cannot get ready for any impromptu trip. They need your support – if not physically and financially, but emotionally. They rely on you. That indeed is a tectonic shift in responsibility. The positive side of their aging is, they let go after years of responsibility, are less hung-up on things like earlier and in general, more fun to be with.
  3. Career becomes more confusing. Existential questions of ‘Am I in the right organization?’, ‘Am I doing the right job?’, ‘Should I take a pay cut and join a start-up?’, ‘Should I just quit corporate and go lone in fund management?’, ‘Should I just go onshore and lead a comfortable life?’ and the mother of existential questions ‘am I using my full potential’?’ etc. keep cropping up from time to time. Very few people do something about it. Many people drift through the stage. Yet the majority don’t want real answers to these questions as there is an EMI and School Fee coming up shortly. ‘Do what you love’ fails in the face of EMIs and exorbitant school fees. I am not saying that I have all these questions running through my mind. I just have more questions than these.
  4. You become cynical of all this teenage puppy love that is widely prevalent these days (at least in metro cities). I see kids, maybe not even 15 or 16, hold their hands at clubs and coffee shops professing undying love for each other. It might be love. It might be lust. It might be the hormones. Or, most probably, it might just be stupidity. Who am I to judge? Just that I think the world has gone nuts. It does not look like a generation gap to me. It definitely looks like a light year gap to me.
  5. There are certain insights and understanding that only age can give. In the raging 20s, you are all enthusiastic, go-getter, all optimistic to conquer the world. As the world teaches you lessons in successes and failures, love and breakups, power and politics, probability and certainty, it makes you realize how naive you were in the 20s. It also brings home a point of what your grandpa used to say when you were young. My grandpa always used to talk about ‘having a vision’, ‘having a plan – good or bad’, ‘discipline’..you know the drill. You listen once. You listen twice. Third time to nth time, you just nod with a blank stare. But as you age, you realize the import of wisdom in those words. You realize how important they are for leading a fulfilling life. Alas, as someone definitely said it right, the youth is wasted on the young.

They say that 30s is the trickiest part of life. Your parents are aging, your kids are growing up, your career is taking shape and (hopefully) on an upward trajectory, your core friends base is set and yet they drift apart. There are all these forces pulling you in one direction or another at every point in time.
It’s tricky. It’s fun. It’s a game after all and you play the cards you have been dealt with(my grandpa’s line).

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